Green Grinds is a veteran-owned, woman-owned small business located in Mason Neck VA.  We are one of Fairfax County's newest artisan coffee roasters.  Our goal is to bring the freshest roasted specialty coffees from around the world directly to you.  Owners Mike and Nonie Silver have traveled and tasted coffee from all over the world.  But they were always disappointed that they could not find that same coffee taste here at home in the U.S.  In 2015 they decided to bring that great, artisanal coffee taste home and share it with you, offering coffees from Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia.  They are dedicated to identifying and procuring the highest quality, environmentally friendly and most flavorsome coffee beans - freshly roasting them for you so that you may experience the best these specialty coffees have to offer in aromas and taste.  


What makes Green Grinds unique:

  • We offer Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, and Bird Friendly coffees - ensuring our offerings are grown with the environment in mind and that your coffee is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and people were paid a fair wage for their product. PLEASE NOTE: Green Grinds received USDA Organic Certification on 29 December 2016. We are currently working through the other certification processes so you will notice our packaging does not yet reflect all certifications. Our packaging will be updated once certification is achieved.

  • We provide a unique "roasted on date" on each bag of coffee to let you know when your coffee was roasted and to ensure your coffee's freshness.

  • We are focused on the environment and offer coffee bags and valves that are the biodegradable - ensuring the least environmental impact. We are incorporating distinctive delivery methods to minimize pollution.

  • We support American made products. We search out suppliers from the U.S and North America for our supplemental products. Our roaster was purchased from U.S. Roaster Corp, located in Oklahoma. One hundred percent of U.S. Roaster Corp’s materials are sourced from within the U.S.

  • We will give back with a percentage of sales going to support the community and local charities. We support our local community, environmental efforts, ocean conservation and military non-profits. In the future we will provide special offerings for specific non-profits.


Our coffee is personally roasted by our master roaster, Mike.  Currently we are roasting on Sunday.  Please check our social media links for current information and events.